Friday, November 7, 2014

unboxing: October 2014 Trick or Treat Bonus Goodebox

Trick or Treat! This year Goodebox came up with a spooky good deal on a limited edition bonus box. For just $31, subscribers and non-subscribers alike could buy a box jam-packed with 31 items from previous boxes, one or two of which were promised to be full size.

Limited Edition
Trick or Treat Bonus Goodebox

Cost: $31 + free U.S S&H.

The stock image looks insanely awesome, of course I had to order!

I ordered my box on October 28th. It shipped with DHL Global Mail on October 31st, and arrived USPS today.

My first look has me excited; my box was crammed full of great green products!

Woohoo! If I count the two foil samples as one item, I indeed received 31 items from several categories!

Bath and Body

DetoxRx Cell-U-Firm Body Gel 0.81 oz cardboard sample value $4.04
Deep Steep Candy Mint Foot Stick Full Size 0.5 oz value $5.95
Sumbody Let My Muscles Go Bath Salt amount not indicated, I'm guessing a value of about $3.00
Sumbody Melt Away The Day Bath Melt single melt value $5.50
Celsus Bio-Intelligence Scar Cream two 0.04 oz foil samples value $1.31 each = $2.62
Pure Natural Diva Clean Organic Body Wash in Pure amount not indicated, I'm guessing a value of $3.50

I sure got a lot of items from the bath and body category! I'm pretty excited that I can happily use everything here, and the retail value for this box has already reached $54.55; more than the box cost me!

Hair Care

Josh Rosebrook Deep Nourishing Shampoo Amount not indicated, I think it is 1.5 oz which is a value of $5.63
Josh Rosebrook Deep Nourishing Conditioner Again, just guessing here at a value $5.63

I was personally glad not to have more than this in the hair care category, as a new no-poo convert. I'm sure I can find these a good home, and my box value is now up to $65.81 with lots more left to go!

Skin Care

Province Apothecary Regenerating + Stimulating Exfoliator with Lavender & Green Tea Amount not indicated, I think it's 0.5 oz which would be a value of $6.00
Seventh Generation Boosts Hydrating Natural Skin Serum with Jojoba amount not indicated, I'm guessing a value of $1.00
Jillian Wright Congested Skin Cleanser amount not indicated, I'm guessing 1 oz, which would be a value of $4.75

Lots of great skincare items here! I will use all of these :). I can't believe the value is now at $110.44 and still climbing!


Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss in Fig, full size 0.14 oz value $15
Vapour Organic Beauty Mesmerize Eye Color Samples in Flash and Firefly, value $3.00 each = $6.00
The All Natural Face Vegan Cream Blush in Really Red, full size 3 g value $5.75

I love all the full size items here! It really boosts the retail value of the box since now it is at $142.07!


Tallulah Jane Aiyana Natural Eau de Perfume 1 mL sample vial value $7.25

I love a good natural perfume sample, and I'm already a big fan of Lotus Wei, so these two items are great for me! They bring the retail value of this box up to $157.32.


Barre3 30 Day Free Access Code value $15.00, plus let's say $1 for the nifty field guide
Barre3 Wristband value $3.00

I doubt I will use the online code since I regularly attend a yoga class that I love, but it's still a neat thing to include. This candle smells really nice! With just one more category left, this box is now valued at $184.32!


These items will both be consumed :D! That's all folks and can you believe the total retail value sits at $190.22?!

~ ~ ~

Let me repeat that figure in case you're thinking I made a typo.. The total retail value of this box is $190.22..! That is over six times the $31 price I paid for it!! Sure, my estimates may not be perfect, and there are quite a few repeats, but other than the two hair care items, there is nothing here that I'm not happy to use. I don't know how Goodebox manages to be so darn amazing, but they sure do know how to deliver a much much better Halloween treat than some ol' bag of candy!

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by or affiliated with any brand mentioned. This box was paid for by eco Beauty on eBay. All opinions are my own!

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