Friday, November 7, 2014

unboxing: Eco Emi Limited Edition Cosmetics Box

Eco Emi might not have the highest valued boxes, but the curation is amazing, like opening a care package from a good friend, and I have always felt like I get my money's worth. When I heard about a new limited edition box with a high promised retail value as compared to Eco Emi's cost for the box, I was curious and immediately ordered one.

Eco Emi
Limited Edition Cosmetics Box

Cost: $20 + free S&H, with a promised retail value of $87 for eleven items.

Just a stock image!

I ordered my box on November 4th and it actually shipped USPS First Class Mail that same day; talk about prompt service! I received it today.

The packaging is nice and I already see one item I know to be worth more than the cost of the box!

Eco Emi has met the promise of 11 items. Now let's see about that retail value!

Gourmet Body Treats Raw Finishing Powder Full size 0.25 oz value $32.00
Brija Cosmetics Whitelighter Small sample value $1.45

I've tried the finishing powder before and loved it! I'm happy to have a new one since they are smallish and my last one is long gone. The "whitelighter" is an eyeshadow, and a very pretty color that will definitely be used. I loove how this lip balm smells and know that will be used, too!

The All Natural Face Edible Cocoa Love Dust Full size 30 g value $10.00

I'm not overly thrilled to have three items from the same brand, but I do appreciate that they are all three full sized, and who knows? Maybe I'll fall in love with the brand and want everything of theirs :).

I'm not sure what's going on with this cuticle oil, it is listed as "$0.00" on the brand's website, but for now let's call it $5.25 since that's what it cost before when I received one in a box. I'm not sure what the shade is called, but I'm 
 loving the color of nail polish I received!

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Pressed Eyeshadow Duo in Smokey Quartz / Twilight, full size 1.8 g value $12.00
Purely You Minerals Vegan Lip Color in Dawn, full size 3 mL value $8.00
Marie Natie All Natural Lip Sparkle in Love Struck. I'm guessing the value of this sample at $5.00.

These colors are all very pretty and seem like they will be easy to wear; I like them :)!

~ ~ ~

My estimate for this box included more guesswork than I usually have to do, but I came up with a retail value of $98.10, which is more than Eco Emi's promised value of $87! Even if my guess is wrong, I still think this box has a great value and selection. I can absolutely say I am happy with my purchase and hope Eco Emi does another box like this soon! Thanks, Eco Emi :)!

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by or affiliated with any brand mentioned. This box was paid for by eco Beauty on eBay. All opinions are my own!

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