Wednesday, November 12, 2014

unboxing: Eco Salon Limited Edition Winter Wonderland Box

I LOVE the amazing boxes that sister sites Eco Salon and Organic Authority come up with. I was soo ticked with myself that I missed out on the last one, so I was especially excited to snag this newest one from Eco Salon, the Limited Edition Winter Wonderland Box.

Eco Salon
Limited Edition Winter Wonderland Box

Cost: $129 + free S&H, purchase through Amazon.

As usual, full spoilers were released at the time of purchase. It looked good to me, so I ordered!

I bought my box on November 4th and it shipped via Fedex on November 7th. I received it today.

At first look, I can see that plenty of care was taken in packaging my box nicely and neatly, as is usual :).

I got quite a haul here!

The fifty dollar gift certificate is nice, but the cheapest pair of shoes on this website is about $115, so I don't know if I will use it soon! This adorable vegan faux snake skin wallet is also from Bourgeois Boheme, but I couldn't find it or any other than shoes on their website! I'm going with Eco Salon's quoted price on it, but it is too bad because if I could find more on the website I would use my gift certificate to buy one since this one is beautiful and so well-made!

Obasan Gift Card Value $100

I am so excited to try some of the tasty recipes  in this cookbook! It might be one of my favorite items in this box :). This gift card is to another really expensive online store, for bedding. I found a $139 pillow I might buy, but again, I don't know yet.

TruVibe Organic Maca Powder Two 8 oz bags value $13.99 each = $27.98

I really loved the TruVibe products I received in one of these boxes before, so I'm glad to have these and am sure I will like them, too.

Pukka Herbs Vanilla Chai Tea 20 tea sachets value $6.99
Pukka Herbs Three Cinnamon Tea 20 tea sachets value $6.99

Both of these teas smell amazing! They smell warm, cozy, and will be much appreciated now that the weather is cooling down! I can't believe the retail price of these supplements! I already take something daily so I may pass these along.

Cell Soaps Volcanic Ash Soap 5 oz bar value $7.25
Cell Soaps Moroccan Sand Bar 5 oz bar value $7.25
Alaffia Purely Coconut Fair Trade Lip Balm Full size 0.15 oz value $2.99

I can always use a new bar of soap, we seem to run out so quickly at my house, so these are great! They smell great, too. I love multipurpose products, and this cream says it is good for face, hair, hands, body; I know I can slather it somewhere and enjoy it! And of course I always love lip balm, especially the coconut flavored kind :).

Pure Natural Diva Radical Facial Serum Full size 0.5 oz value $50

It would seem somebody guessed that the masks might leak and took extra precautions packing it, which I really appreciate. Only a teeny bit was lost, so no big deal in my book. I'm having trouble navigating Pure Natural Diva's website on the device I'm using, so the $50 is Eco Salon's quoted price until I can update that link.

Zoe + Piper Dainty Briolette Gemstone Necklace with garnet pendant value $34

I LOVE this delicate little necklace, it is so perfect  for me! These hand-warmers are adorable, too, and even more special because they are extremely limited edition. My pair is labeled that they are number 20 of only 100 pairs made. Cool!

~ ~ ~

While I can't say I love that $150 of my box's value is taken up by gift cards I'm iffy on using, I can't complain because I did know exactly what was coming. Plus, I really love everything else, and at a total retail value of $532.89, I know I got an incredible deal. This isn't my favorite ever Eco Salon box but I still love it and am glad I bought it!

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by or affiliated with any brand mentioned  . This box was paid for by eco Beauty on eBay. All opinions are my own!

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