Monday, November 10, 2014

unboxing: Limited Edition Conscious Commerce for Birchbox Men's Box

I make every effort to live a green and mindful life, and my husband supports me, but I'm still working on encouraging him to be more mindful himself. I mean, he will use my 100% natural shampoo if it's within his reach during his shower, but if a bottle of Old Spice or something was there instead that would be what he used. Still, I really liked the look of the men's version of the limited edition Conscious Commerce for Birchbox and bought it because I figured I could keep for myself what he wasn't interested in :).

Limited Edition
Conscious Commerce for Birchbox
Men's Box

Cost: $88, and again I had that 20% off coupon code.

There are a few items that interlap between the men and women's boxes, and I really loved the women's box so I know I will love this one!

Unlike the women's box that shipped in the blue box, this one shipped in a great, big outer box with the blue one nestled inside. Like the women's box, I purchased on November 7th, it shipped the same day via USPS Priority Mail, and it arrived today.

Why, it's a box within a box within a box!

Everything is packed carefully, safe and sound. Again, Birchbox included an info card for the items.

Lookin' great so far! My husband hadn't realized yet at this point during my unboxing that this box was for him, otherwise I would never have gotten a picture of everything together because of his grabby hands :).

My husband wasn't overly excited for this one, but we always need more reusable totes for groceries and this one is nice. The outside is 100% natural jute and the inside has a waterproof lining.

These my husband, who writes, does absolutely love and now he is eyeing the notebook from my box!

Krochet Kids International The 5207.5 Hat in Heather Indigo, value $31.95

My husband just loves this hat and did not want to give it back to me so I could see the tag with the signature of the one who made it, but I managed to discover that the talented artist's name is Auma Beatrice; thank you Auma! The bracelets he allowed me to put into my little basket that holds my Pura Vida bracelet collection without such a fight, but he borrows them occasionally anyway.

S'Well Insulated Stainless Steel 17 oz Water Bottle The Riot Collection Matte Finish in Green With Envy, value $35

Another hit with my husband! He complains that my reusable bkr bottles are too girly colored, so now he can have his own manly bottle.

Osea White Algae Mask Full size 1.7 oz value $48
Hanz de Fuko Claymation Full size 2 oz value $18.50

I got this Osea mask, too, so I'm hoping for matching facials with the hubby! He's a little iffy about this hair product because it contains clay, but I will for sure be hiding his synthetic stuff tomorrow in hopes that he will use this, love it and convert to greener haircare!

~ ~ ~

This is another highly valued box sitting at an incredible $233.45. Again, I'm loving the curation and the chance to give my husband some great fairly traded and natural items. Maybe I should start scouting a monthly box for him to help me encourage him to be more green like me!

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by or affiliated with any brand mentioned. This box was paid for by eco Beauty on eBay. All opinions are my own!

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