Monday, November 17, 2014

unboxing: BuddhiBox November 2014

If you read my unboxing of my November mini BuddhiBox, you know I had a little mixup with them during their first ever monthly subscription shipment. I reached out to customer service who were apologetic and kindly offered to send along my box free of charge to make up for the mistake. I'm very happy with how they handled the situation with me and am so excited to finally have my box :)!

November 2014
Cost: $30.95 + free U.S S&H, less with a longer commitment. I had a coupon code so my month-to-month cost will be $26.95, but like I said BuddhiBox kindly sent me this box free due to an error.

When I spoke with customer service, they promised to send my box out on the 14th, and that was indeed the day it shipped via USPS Priority 2-Day Mail. It arrived with my mail today.

I'm loving this box within the shipping box. For their first month of service, BuddhiBox box looks very professional.

They even have their own custom stickers, and I love that they send an intention with the box:

"Shine like the whole universe is yours."


On the back of the intention card is information and prices for all of the included items, plus info letting me know that the chosen charity for the month that will receive a portion of the box's profits is The One Love Movement whose mission is to create a better future for at-risk youth and women populations.

Looks like a great mix of items!

Yoga Digest Magazine November / December 2014 issue value $5.99

I love that a yoga magazine is included and I'm sure I will read it cover-to-cover!

Dye Ties Goddess Collection of five hair ties value $12

For all the online reviews I've seen of BuddhiBox so far, everybody else got a pink pair of ballet socks from Great Soles. I don't know if mine are different because my box shipped separately, but I don't mind at all since I don't care to wear pink often anyway. These grey peds are more my style, and so are these adorable hair ties!

This candle smells so good! And incredibly this scrub smells even better, coconutty and delicious. I can't stop smelling it and will for sure be using it tonight!

Jo-Sha Essential Oil Wipes in Eucalyptus x2, Peppermint and Lavender value $0.75 each = $2.25

I've received several if these wipes lately from subscription boxes, and I love them. Keep them coming :)!

Raw Revolution Chocolate Coconut Bliss Organic Live Food Bar Single 1.8 oz bar value $1.89, plus sticker

This bar looks delicious! I love taking bars like this with me on-the-go, so this is perfect for me :).

BuddhiBox included some of the same cards that were in the mini box: a recipe card for raw mint chocolate Nanaimo bars, a $50 off code to 2, 3 or 4 day pass to the Northwest Yoga Conference and an adorable business-type card explaining the downward dog yoga position.

~ ~ ~

By my calculations, this box has a total retail value of $59.12, which is a great value! I love the curation of this box and am so impressed with how much thought and care went into putting it together. The greatness of the box itself combined with the exceptional customer service I received has ensured that I will be sticking around with the box for a long time to come. Thank you for a great month, BuddhiBox, and congratulations and good luck on your new venture :)!

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by or affiliated with any brand mentioned. All opinions are my own!

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