Monday, November 10, 2014

unboxing: Limited Edition Conscious Commerce for Birchbox Women's Box

This year, Birchbox has really impressed me with the wonderful holiday boxes they have created. Great as they looked, I was able to restrain myself from purchasing one until I saw their two Conscious Commerce collaboration boxes, and I had to have them both. This unboxing is for the women's version.

Limited Edition
Conscious Commerce for Birchbox
Women's Box
Cost: $68. I had a 20% off coupon code.

As Birchbox usually does, full spoilers were posted so buyers would know what they would be getting into. It looked great to me, so I went ahead and hit the order button :)!

I ordered my box on November 7th and it shipped that same day via USPS Priority Mail in this cool blue box bearing Birchbox and Conscious Commerce's names on the side. I received it today.

I guess I was in such a hurry to dig into my box that I took a picture of the inner box with the words upside down. I flipped the photo but it still makes me laugh to see :P.

First look! Birchbox sent an info card with short descriptions of the included items.

Here are all my goodies laid out! Now let's break it down :).

This is pretty roomy and well-made. It's black on the unpictured side, but folds over into a clutch. I'm a little hesitant stating the value of this bag at $40 because if you order any outfit directly from Live The Process, they include one of these free, plus theirs includes a free signature perfume sachet to keep the bag smelling fresh, which mine didn't have. However, their outfits are about $250 each more or less, and I do quite like this, so I will just go with the $40 value.

This notebook is sturdy and will go to good use for whatever classes I take next semester! And this hat! I love it! It is so soft, the color is gorgeous, and the person who made it actually signed their name on an inner tag. Thank you for the beautiful hat, Eunice Lamwalca :).

Osea White Algae Mask Full size 1.7 oz value $48

From Birchbox's stock pic, I wasn't super excited for the necklace and figured I would either swap or gift it. But now that I have it in my hands I LOVE it; it is my favorite item in the box and I will definitely be wearing it often. I have a good sized collection of Pura Vida bracelets these two will join and I do love a good, luxe facial mask.

~ ~ ~

I am SO impressed with the $200.95 retail value of this box, and even more impressed with the incredible curation of such meaningful goods! This might be one of my very favorite limited edition Birchboxes ever..but wait! There's more! I bought the men's version of this box, too, and should have the unboxing for that up within the hour :)!

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by or affiliated with any brand mentioned. This box was paid for by eco Beauty on eBay. All opinions are my own!

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