Saturday, November 1, 2014

unboxing: Mercy House + Fair Trade Friday Limited Edition High End Box

Fair Trade Friday is a super-popular monthly subscription that delivers 3-4 high-quality fair trade items to subscribers by the first Friday of every month. They are so popular that their subscriptions are often sold out! I am currently on the wait list for a spot, but I did snag a limited edition box from them I want to show off! The box I am featuring today is a collaboration with Mercy House featuring high end fair trade items.

Mercy House + Fair Trade Friday
Limited Edition High End Box

Cost:$84 + free S&H with a promised value of $137 for four items. I also had a code for a fifth extra item

I bought my box on October 26th and it shipped October 29th via USPS Priority 2-Day. It was delivered to me today, a little squashed, but everything inside was intact so no big deal :).

Here was my first look!

I was a little confused at first look, and as it turned out I was missing an item. I'll  get to that in a bit!

Three of my items had a picture plus a retail price. Each item has a business card letting me know where it was made. The specific group that made this clutch was not listed anywhere in my box, but I knew from a Facebook spoiler that it is from Carry 117, a team of three Ethiopian women who make bags, clutches, etc, to support their families and communities.

This is my special fifth item that was not included in every box. The Mission Ethiopia online store seems to be down, so I am using the value FTF quoted in a blog post about this high end box. Anyway, it's very well made and I can't wait until the site is back up so I can read the story behind this item.

Mine is a squirrel and awh this little guy is so cute! Check out his story:

"This collection is hand carved from Tagua by the Sosote Fair Trade Project in Ecuador. The artisan selects a Tagua nut which is as close to the desired finished shape as possible, the nut is then formed using a variety of  sanding processes and polished to achieve a smooth surface. 
The antique gold effect chain is approximately 35" long and made in the UK.
Each animal within this exclusive range of pendants is individually handmade by artisans in Ecuador; small variations in shape, color and size are to be expected and treasured."

I don't know if I will wear this, but it sure is stinkin' cute!

This is a sturdy cuff with a nice message on it, from Kenya. The company has a really great online store I may have to order from!

I got this picture card for a Ruffle Apron .. but no apron, which is too bad because I really would have liked to have it! I wondered if it was accidentally left out, so I e-mailed Fair Trade Friday to ask. They responded promptly, apologized for the oversight and promised to send it along.

True to their word, FTF sent me this stunning apron hand sewn in Rwanda. Excellent customer service and excellent items :)! This is a half apron, super cute, and I can't wait to use it for my holiday cooking!

This organza pouch was hand-embroidered in Costa Rica. I cannot find it online, but it's not one of my five items anyway so forgive me for not posting a retail value on it! It's a very thoughtful extra and be would perfect for putting gifts in. It goes well with the two gift tags Fair Trade Friday included in case I want to gift anything from my box.

~ ~ ~

The four main items in the box have a total retail value of $127, brought up to $151 after my special extra burlap clutch. I felt bad e-mailing to question about the apron when I know my money has gone to a good cause, but customer service was so kind and gracious, and the apron is so nice, I'm very glad to have it. This was a very great box for me!

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by or affiliated with any brand mentioned. This box was paid for by eco Birdy. All opinions are my own!

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