Sunday, December 14, 2014

unboxing: Yogi Surprise December 2014

Between my job and my kids, and just life in general, I have a crazy, crazy life. Yoga is my outlet, for both my mind and body, so when Yogi Surprise began the first ever (but excitingly now not the only) yoga lifestyle subscription box a few months ago, I signed up right away!

Yogi Surprise
December 2014
Cost: $44.95 / month + free U.S. S&H. I had a coupon code that got me 20% off every month for the life of my subscription, so my cost is $35.96.

My box shipped this month on December 8th via USPS Priority 2-Day Mail. It arrived yesterday, December 13th. Yep, it's that time of the year that the holidays drag out shipping times!!

The theme for this month is "The Gift of Giving" and one lucky subscriber will win a yoga vacation to the Villa del Palmar Retreat located at the Islands of Loreto, Baja. Oh, how I want :D!

I love what a great mixture of items Yogi Surprise sends, and this mix looks especially great!

The pumpkin seeds look delicious, and the cacao nibs are absolutely delicious! I've tried Urban Moonshine's digestive bitters before and liked them, so I'm pretty excited to try this Energy Tonic, too.

Star Essence Angel Rejuvenation Spray full size 2 oz value $22

I love that this beautifully scented spray can be used so many ways: personal fragrance, room spray, pillow spray, even as a toner! I am so ridiculously excited about this Booda Butter! My sensitive face loves super simple moisturizers, and this one is extremely similar to my usual moisturizer. Expect my full review soon! Included was a 20% off coupon for more that I definitely plan to use.

Indian Tiger Eye Mala Beads, value $18
Yogi Surprise Organic Cotton Yoga Strap, value $10

Both of these items were custom made for Yogi Surprise, so I'm using the values stated on the info card. These are the beads that were delayed from last month's box, and although they were originally stated in a spoiler to be valued at $30, I think they are gorgeous and perfect just the way they are! It has the traditional 108 beads. I love that Yogi Surprise included custom items like the beads and this nifty yoga strap, it really gives the box a certain unique quality since these items aren't available elsewhere.

~ ~ ~

This is only Yogi Surprise's third month of service, but they have already come so far, especially in terms of retail value of boxes. Their first box had a retail value of $41.93. This box is nearly twice that at $81.47! I love that this company is truly listening to what their customers want and doing their best to make it happen! I can't wait to see what surprises await in next month's box!

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by or affiliated with any brand mentioned. This box was paid for by eco Birdy. All opinions are my own!

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