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unboxing: R. L. Linden & Co. Limited Edition Seasonal Yuletide Box 2014

When I learned the date that R. L. Linden & Co.'s new seasonal box was to be released online, I seriously started stalking their website when I woke up that morning, refreshing the page every time I got a chance until it was finally up! I get more excited for these boxes than for any monthly box I subscribe to, and this latest one did not disappoint!

R. L. Linden & Co.
Limited Edition
Seasonal Yuletide Box 2014
Cost: $48. I had a coupon code for 15% off and free S&H, so my price for the box was $40.80.

Boxes went on sale on December 5th, and due to my stalking ways I was one of the first to snag one! My order shipped on December 10th via USPS Priority 2-Day Mail, and arrived about a week ago on December 13th. I waited this long to post my unboxing because I wanted a chance to really try the products so I can share my reviews of them!

Robin and Lynn are so great to buy from because they really take the time to show personal appreciation to their customers.

Simple yet beautiful, and I just couldn't wait to rip it open :P!

Here is another example of R. and L.'s love for their products and customers: everything is packaged safely and carefully!

In addition to my Yuletide Box, I also ordered a sample set of R. L. Linden & Co.'s NEW perfume line! I'm aiming to have my review of these babies posted next Thursday.

Included in the box is a letter detailing the items and their ingredients. You can read it all here!

Here's what I waited for: four amazing limited edition products from the one, the only R. L. Linden & Co.! Now let me tell you more about them.!

Black Lodge Healing Mulling Spices
Linden teas are not only delicious, but they look really pretty, too! This one is not quite as strongly flavorful as the other teas, but it is no less tasty. The spices listed in the ingredients sound rather dominating, but instead they come across subtle and warm. The info card recommends making this into a syrup, hot toddy, or mulled wine and I can attest that it lends some lovely flavor mixed into a bourbon, and even lovelier in a warmed red wine :P.

Sick and Tired (of being sick and tired) Soothing Sinus Salve
The texture of this salve is a slick, solid oil that melts to the touch, and a little goes a long way! I've tried it on my chest, like a Vicks rub, and find it to have a highly aromatic green scent. I find the eucalyptus to be the base scent that everything else builds upon and that fades last (after a good hour or two I might add..impressive!). I can also easily detect the lavender and spearmint that make for such a soothing scent that will be perfect to use for a healing night sleep when I get sick later into the winter season (hasn't happened yet, knock on wood!). It can even be used on and around the nose to soothe sore, red skin. The jar is a generous 1 oz that should last me through the season!

Lavender + Frankincense Moisture Milk
This product is scented the same as the cuticle oil that was included in fall's seasonal box, and I was as surprised now as I was then that, as a person who doesn't particularly like frankincense, I really love this fresh scent! "Milk" is the perfect label for this light and yet deeply moisturizing lotion that spreads far and wide onto my skin and sinks right in to leave me soft for hours! The frankincense element fades rather quickly, perhaps after 20 minutes of application, leaving behind a sweet, light lavender scent for three or so hours. I would love to see more Linden lotions become a permanent part of their line!

Sacred Yuletide Incense
This raw incense was in last year's winter box, but that was before my time as a fan! It certainly looks gorgeous, but for me I think I appreciate the scent more without burning it. Before burning, it is a beautiful honeyed floral. Then I lit one of the included charcoal rounds, placed it in a cup of soil, added a tiny piece of the incense like Linden Beauty's instagram post instructed me to, and rather quickly snuffed it out. I don't want anyone reading this review to think this is not a great product! It's just that I can't usually tolerate frankincense, unless it is tempered with fresh scents like the lavender above. I plan to pass this along to a friend who I know will love this and appreciate every moment of the scent, which there be many of since, like I said, you only need one tiny piece per use!

~ ~ ~

This box has understandably sold out at the time I post this! I don't remember the exact numbers that Linden Beauty tweeted, I think it was 30 boxes that sold out in less than 48 hours! This small Denver brand is on their way up and up and I can't wait to see what they will come up with next :)!

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by or affiliated with any brand mentioned. This box was paid for by eco Birdy. All opinions are my own!

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