Tuesday, December 2, 2014

unboxing: Goodebox December 2014

You know how much I love my monthly Goodebox delivery of green health, beauty and lifestyle items, so let's jump right in because the suspense is killing me!!

December 2014
Cost: $18 / month + free U.S S&H.

My box shipped with DHL Global Mail on November 24th and was delivered to me by USPS yesterday, December 1st. It never fails to impress me how prompt and reliable Goodebox is :).

First look! Ooh, I'm excited :D!

One item I received this month looks familiar, but everything looks great so far!

I'm so excited for this scrub! It is one of Balanced Guru's newly revamped products and smells so delicious.. like warm coffee! And this shea cream smells incredible, too. I own the full size product in "white chocolate" and it works great, so I'm super happy to have this!

Au Naturale Organic Creme Eye Shadow in Palma Amount not indicated, I'm guessing a value of $3 based on the price of other samples on the site.

This is the item that looks familiar, because I actually just received this with my November Petit Vour box, same shade of eyeshadow, but that one included a creme concealer sample and this one is just a code for a free sample with any Au Naturale order. I love the shade of eyeshadow, so am happy to have another, and the concealer shade I got with PV didn't match my skintone anyway, so I'm not upset that this didn't include one; I'm actually even a little relieved I can't waste what I didn't get :).

This notebook is very cute and will go to good use, but it's the nail polish I'm really excited about! I've been hearing a lot about Aila Cosmetics lately, but haven't yet bought any. They are currently exclusive to green beauty online store, Beau Tea Bar, which I have never ordered from but might have to now if this polish turns out to be as great as I've heard!

~ ~ ~

This month's Goodebox has a total retail value of $33.27, which is great and made even better because I am so happy to have everything here! This is absolutely my currently favorite subscription and probably will be for a long time. Thanks for yet another awesome month, Goodebox!

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by or affiliated with any brand mentioned. This box was paid for by eco Birdy. All opinions are my own!

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