Friday, December 19, 2014

unboxing: CauseBox by Sevenly Winter 2014

CauseBox is a brand new subscription from Sevenly that sends out $150 worth of socially conscious items quarterly, though after this first amazing box I wish they shipped every month instead of only every three!

CauseBox by Sevenly
Winter 2014
Cost: Right now, I am subscribing to the auto-renewing option of $54.95 per box (free U.S. S&H), but prepaid subscribers can get their boxes for $44.95 by paying for a year upfront at $199.80. Like I said, this box was amazing and I definitely think will be worth investing in!

I love all the quotes on the box! It shipped on December 9th via USPS Parcel Select and arrived three days ago on December 16th. Yes, I'm still behind with my unboxing posts!

Everything is packaged well, safe and sound :).

Sevenly included a really good, detailed card with info on all of the items included. I love this:

This box changes lives. Everything inside has a story, improves a life, makes the world a better place. This box matters.

$7 donated
one meal provided
dozens of women employed and empowered

I love the mix of items from different, interesting categories, brought together by the wonderful causes they support.

This is easily my favorite item in this box! I love elephants, and I love that this necklace "supports and restores victims of sex-trafficking in India."

Exclusive Sevenly Change-for-Change Jar value $18
Sseko Designs Half Moon Clutch value $15.99

I love the simplicity of this jar, and the idea of donating the change to charity once it's been filled. My kids are a bit too young to understand the concept of charity, but I love the idea of using this jar as a teaching tool. This clutch is soft and well-made, and I love that it supports education and empowerment of underprivileged Ethiopian women.

This set is a really neat idea and I plan to use it to write some thank-you cards after the holidays.

Sevenly quotes the value of this scarf on their info card as $32, but it sells online for $36, so that's what I'm using. Anyway, it is lightweight, soft, beautiful and the name "Alem" comes from a real woman this company supports.

I think it is just the coolest thing ever that this one extremely delicious granola bar provides a meal for a child in need! And speaking of extremely delicious, these cacao nibs are to die for! They go to a good cause, too, fair trade farming.

Exclusive Sevenly Sticker Pack value $7

I haven't decided yet exactly what I want to do with these stickers, but I hope I can come up with something great for their great messages!

~ ~ ~

Sevenly quotes this box to have a retail value of $166.87, but my calculations added up to $169.96. Either way, there's no denying the incredible value of this box, to me and the causes supported. It really touched my heart to read the stories behind the items received and I will treasure them all the more for that knowledge. I can't believe that now I have to wait three months for my next box; it is going to seem like a lifetime of waiting for my fix of charitable goodness!!

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by or affiliated with any brand mentioned. This box was paid for by eco Birdy. All opinions are my own!

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