Saturday, December 13, 2014

unboxing: Target Naturals Beauty Box December 2014

Every so often, retail giant Target will release a beauty box for one-time purchase, and when they recently released three different new boxes, they sold out fast. I managed to snag the only one I was interested in, a box full of natural goodies that Target carries. At only five bucks, I thought it was a great deal!

Naturals Beauty Box
Cost: $5 + free U.S. S&H. I was charged sales tax, so my total was $5.31.

I bought my box the day it was released, December 1st, and it shipped on December 4th via UPS. It was transferred to my local post office and delivered two days ago on December 11th. It shipped in this pretty holiday box sealed with shrink wrap.

The outer box combined with the inner red tissue paper do indeed make for a naturally festive first look :).

The box included six items, some that are familiar to me and some that are not.

Soapbox Argan Oil Shampoo 2 oz. I could not find this anywhere online! I'm just going to estimate it at $2

I won't use hair products, so these two items are not for me. I do, as a nurse however, depend on hand cream, with all the hand washing I do at work, so this one I will definitely use up.

I don't mind receiving two facial scrubs because I know I will us them. I've tried this Acure one before and loved it, but never the Borghese because I never realized they were considered a green brand. And of course I love Burt's Bees and I love facial towelettes, so these are great.

Also included in the box is a $3 coupon good towards a $15 purchase of some of Target's natural brands. I won't count it towards box value but I will use it!

~ ~ ~

Compared to the cost, this box has an incredible retail value of $25.02, which could be just slightly high or low depending on that shampoo. Plus, I'll happily use most of the items, so this box is definitely a winner for me! I really hope Target does another box like this one because I would for sure buy it :).

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by or affiliated with any brand mentioned. This box was paid for by eco Birdy. All opinions are my own!

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