Tuesday, October 7, 2014

unboxing: Organic Authority Annual Fall Goodie Box 2014

Organic Authority goodie boxes have incredible savings, almost always more than 75% off retail value. This one, the Fall Harvest Goodie Box with a cooking theme, sold out fast, incredibly fast. As in, within less than a half hour of launching fast! Lucky me, I snagged one of only 50 that were available. I ordered on September 29, it shipped on October 2nd, and I received it today!

Organic Authority
Annual Fall Goodie Box 2014

Cost: $129 + free shipping,  sold through Amazon.

These boxes ship with Fedex. I was expecting big, but this box was big enough that my three-year-old could have fit easily inside (I gave him the empty box to play in until I have a chance to take it to the campus recycling center).

Everything was packaged up carefully and made it to me without any spills, leaks or breaks.

My husband and both sons were crowding me as I unboxed, snatching and grabbing, but I did manage to get this picture! I already knew everything included but their excitement was contagious and this really is a great box!

The Ultimate Green Store Bamboo Utencils Includes a mixing spoon, slotted spoon, spatula and tongs. Total value $18.80

This cheese board is neat, it's a chalkboard and comes with two non-toxic soapstone chalks to write on it! I already own a bamboo salad bowl and salad tongs, so these gorgeous pieces will fit in nicely in my kitchen :).

I don't drink a lot of wine, but these are neat and will make great gifts if I don't find a use for them!

This bowl set is nice looking, well made and will absolutely be used frequently! 

This pan is heavy, incredibly well-made and more expensive/luxurious than any frying pan I've ever owned; my husband's favorite item in this box! The pineapple slicer was only two pieces, so easy to assemble, and something I can't wait to use!

Bamtastic Reusable Bamboo Towels Two rolls valued at $9.99 each ($19.98)

I wasn't really interested in these bamboo towels until I realized they are machine washable and reusable. They are soft, absorbent and very nifty! I got the dark blue cap for my Retap bottle and love it! Water tastes better from glass bottles :).

Now on to the edibles!

TruVibe Organic Goji Berries Two 8 oz bags valued at $12.99 each ($25.98)
TruVibe Organic Cacao Powder Two 8 oz bags valued at $9.99 each ($19.98)

These look delicious, especially the cacao powder, plus they are raw, organic and benefit 1% For The Planet.

Garden of Life Raw Organics Flax Seed with Baobab Fruit Two 12 oz bags.  I couldn't find this product on the website, but Organic Authority values these at $10.79 each ($21.58).
Nature's Path Qia Superfood Breakfast Cereal: Chia, Buckwheat & Hemp Cereal in Cranberry Vanilla 7.9 oz bag value $10.49. Also came with a $1 coupon, but I won't count that towards box value.
Coconut Organics CocoBacon Three 1.5 oz bags valued at $3.99 each ($11.97).

I'm excited to try this flax seed in a health smoothie, and the cereal looks really good! I'm most excited about the CocoBacon, which is vegan, crunchy-textured and absolutely delicious! 

This olive oil is so much fancier than what I usually buy, and this particular bottle, harvested and cold pressed in December 2013 is one of only 720 bottles produced; cool! The cayenne salt has a nifty magnet on the bottom of the tin and the coconut oil looks like it will be easy and delicious to cook with! This ghee seems out of place in an otherwise vegan box, but one main reason to be vegan is to prevent cruelty to animals, and ghee is cruelty-free, so this is kinda neat to include to demonstrate options out there and I will probably use it.

Doxy's Natural Seasoning Blends in Cocoa Infusion 1.5 oz value $3.50
Doxy's Natural Seasoning Blends in Smoky Chipotle 0.5 oz value $3.50
Doxy's Natural Onion Soup & Dip Mix 1.5 oz value $3.50
Oh Bar Original Bar x2 and Cacao & Goji Berry Bar x1 Three 1.7 oz bars valued at $4.99 each ($14.97)

These seasonings look great, and so do these energy bars. They will be nifty for busy work days when I don't have time for a break, am starving, and can eat these on-the-go at my med cart!

This box included some informational cards, as well as some unique gift codes including:

  • $35 gift certificate to shop with Vita Clay. I plan on buying the 2-in-1 Stoneware Yogurt Maker and Slow Cooker ($35) but this one isn't actually a code; I had to e-mail Vita Clay CS for the code, who responded promptly. The code worked, but I still had to pay $22.82 for S&H, so I'm taking that out of box value, leaving this coupon code valued to me at $12.18.
  • Code for a free Smoothie Secrets Revealed Digital E-Book Download valued at $19.99. I was able to download this to my tablet so I look forward to browsing this later!
  • Gift certificate for a free pair of Honey Badger Garden Gloves, but again I have to e-mail CS for the actual code. This is the pair I want and I will update with a pic when I get them! $29.95 value plus shipping is free this time! They look so awesome :).
  • Gift certificate for a free hard copy of We <3 Cooking, a cookbook with 85 kid-friendly yet health-conscious recipes. Valued at $21.95 and perfect for me! Again, I will update with a pic when I can.

~ ~ ~

By my calculations,  this box is worth a retail value of $525.37.. WOW!! I love this box and will definitely be in line for the next one!

Disclosure : I am not sponsored by or affiliated with any brand mentioned. This box was paid for by eco Beauty on eBay. All opinions are my own! 

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