Thursday, October 2, 2014

i tried this thursday: NEW Satori perfume oil from Lina Hanson, my review + Global Face Serum, too!

I am a junkie for green beauty products; I want to try EVERYTHING! Thursdays will probably end up being my most common and favorite blogging day because my eBay business allows me to try samples of so many different and wonderful products. Welcome to my first product review, my first I Tried This Thursday!

Lina Hanson.
The creator of one of green beauty's most beloved face serums.

That's right, I'm looking at you, Global Face Serum, you beautiful, beautiful serum, you! If you've never tried this, you MUST go out and find yourself a sample because your life is incomplete if you've never experienced this. If this serum is new news to you, you can read the description of key ingredients to understand why this serum is "global" here.

This serum is super spreadable, and it absorbs quickly and completely, leaving your complexion healthy and glowing. Plus, the neroli and vanilla scent is just beautiful. Want to know about another beautifully scented Lina Hanson product?? Please allow me to introduce to you the new, the incredible..

Lina Hanson's brand NEW perfume oil!

Satori will be available for purchase this fall, exclusively from Lina Hanson's own website. Lucky me, thanks to a spectacular Friday deal from the blog No More Dirty Looks, I was able to get my greedy hands on a preview sample vial that I want to tell you all about!

My little sample vial, in a pretty polka dot pouch, just waiting to be opened and adored!
My order included an informational printout detailing all you need to know about Satori. You can read it in it's entirety here.

Let me just begin by saying that I really don't think Satori smells anything like the Global Face Serum, but that's not a bad thing at all since I have decided I am IN LOVE with this perfume oil as it is. I dab a little drop on my wrists and the fragrance opens with a savory, spicy ginger that tickles my fancy and my nose when I stick it straight to my wrist to inhale. The yuzu perfectly tempers the ginger, giving it some citrus-ey sweetness so that the ginger doesn’t overwhelm. The sandalwood grounds the fragrance with a warm woodsiness. At first, the vanilla is nowhere to be found, but after about an hour makes it's stunning and sweet debut as ginger fades into the background so that the vanilla can shine center-stage. Satori is noticeable, but never overwhelming, and lasts on my skin approximately four hours, the average time to be expected from a perfume made with natural ingredients.

Satori is a beautiful scent, created with the high quality and care that Global Face Serum led me to expect from Lina Hanson.
Buy it soon, you may find your new signature scent :).

Disclosure: I am not sponsored or affiliated with any brand mentioned. My opinions are my own!

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