Monday, October 13, 2014

Fair Treasure October Collection

Remember how I told you Fair Treasure was launching a new shopping experience?! Last night, I got the e-mail to register an account to shop their first monthly collection! How exciting!

As of yet, only current Fair Treasure subscribers can purchase from this collection. Everything is limited in supply, so could be sold out before the collection becomes available to everyone else. Here is what is available this month:

Jane Cuff - Custom Design: $34

I got this in my October box and love it! I was already hoping to buy more to gift, so this is great!

Link It Up Earrings: $22

I got these in the September box, they are gorgeous and musical :).

Marquet Open Weave Scarf: $21

I looove scarves, and these look particularly gorgeous, I might have to have one (or two).

Jogi-flower Cushion Cover: $32

I got one of these in the September box, a second would pair perfectly with mine currently on my couch.

Ceramic Owl Wine Stopper: $16

I love owls, these are so adorable, though I'm unsure which month box these are from. I've always wondered what male subscribers receive in their monthly boxes instead of jewelry. Maybe one of these?

~ ~ ~

I experimented a little bit to see how much shipping would cost (it's not free) and would usually get a flat $5 or $10 rate, but I haven't completed check-out yet. I haven't decided on just what I want yet because everything looks so great! I'm glad Fair Treasure created this option to purchase such neat fair-trade items through their website! 

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by or affiliated with any brand mentioned. All opinions are my own! 

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