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Face Cleanser

Our everyday cream cleanser is a gentle and effective recipe that not only cleanses the skin but multitasks to remove makeup. Organic plant oils, a touch of castile soap and wild harvested witch hazel lift away impurities while providing protective nutrients and vitamins. The fresh and herbaceous mixture of essential oils will combat blemishes and tone the skin. Our cleanser washes without stripping your skin of it's vital moisture.

Use 3 ways:
1. Apply 3 to 4 pumps over dry face. Remove with a very warm, wet washcloth.
2. Apply 3 to 4 pumps over dry face. Wet hands with warm water and gently massage face for one minute creating a light milk. Rinse with cupped hands and very warm water. Wipe dry with soft, dry towel.
3. Apply 3 to 4 pumps over dry face, eyelids, eyelashes and neck area, wipe off with dry towel to remove makeup.


*sunflower oil
+witch hazel distillate
*vegetable glycerin
*castile soap [distilled water, saponified oils of *olive, *coconut & *castor, citric acid]
*castor oil
*jojoba oil
*sunflower lecithin
essential oils of *juniper, *basil, *tea tree & *peppermint

*certified organic ingredient / +wild harvested

Face Exfoliant

Renew and awaken your skin with this earthy, antibacterial scrub. Powered by four simple ingredients, black walnut, oats, chamomile flowers and kelp, this scrub will gently slough off dead skin cells and stimulate circulation, leaving your face feeling fresh and radiant. Perfect to use in combination with our tonics and face oil.

To use, shake a small amount into your hand, add water and mix to form a paste. Gently massage face and neck, rinse after 1 to 2 minutes. We recommend a tonic spritz and a few drops of face oil afterward.

*chamomile flowers
black walnut hull

*organic ingredient

Face + Body Toning Mists

Refresh, hydrate and awaken skin with our essential oil body toning mists. Wild harvested witch hazel with organic rose and lavender waters will balance and tone the skin. Gentle essential oils combine in pleasing aromas to repair and protect skin. These sprays are great for dry, itchy or dull skin, and also as a light personal scent. We recommend them with our face exfoliant and oil.

Available in:
Bergamot Vetiver (warm, citrus, and earthy- great for dry skin)
Geranium Basil (sweet, herbaceous and slightly minty- great for oil skin)
Palmarosa Cedar (floral, woody, reminiscent of rose and sandalwood- great for normal to dry skin)

To use, Close eyes and spritz onto body and face. Separation occurs naturally; shake before use.

Wild Harvested Witch Hazel
*Rose Water
*Lavender Water
Vegetable Glycerin
Essential Oils

*organic ingredient

Face Oil

Nourish and brighten skin with our non-greasy, daily face oil. We have carefully blended organic Hempseed, Sesame, Jojoba oils with organic essential oils of Carrot Seed, Juniper, Patchouli and Vetiver to revitalize your skin and even out oil production.

To use, apply a few drops to face and neck after cleansing.

*hempseed oil
*jojoba oil
*sesame oil
essential oils of *carrot seed, *juniper, *patchouli & *vetiver

*organic ingredient

Cocoa Skin Cream

A gentle moisturizer, this cream is perfect for dry skin and daily use. Made purely with only four ingredients, it smells naturally of chocolate and is perfect for sensitive skin. Formulated without wax or water, the goodness of organic cocoa and shea butters, organic, raw coconut and hempseed oils soaks right in and stays put without a greasy residue. 

It's safe and recommended for all skin types, including mamas (hello growing belly!), babies, those with eczema or psoriasis... basically everyone.

Note: Because of it's pure, raw ingredients, this cream tends to be harder/softer depending on the room temperature but it melts instantly upon skin contact. 

*hempseed oil
*virgin coconut oil
*cocoa butter
*shea butter

*organic ingredient

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